Camilla Avellar / Supercell

Camilla is a Brazilian game designer who, for the last six years, has worked on Hay Day, at Supercell. She has experience developing free to play mobile games, virtual worlds and educational experiences. On any given day, you’ll find her playing farming games, lazing around with her cat, or thinking up stories about chill beachside witches.

Ruth Falconer / Women in Games WIGJ​

Professor Ruth Falconer is a leading academic in the field of applied computer game technologies. She leads the Games Technology and Mathematics subject areas at Abertay University. Research interests include Systems Modelling and Data Science. With substantial academic contributions across games tech and other sectors, Prof Falconer is also known for research into the development of intuitive models of complex systems. She has published more than 55 peer reviewed articles, is an expert reviewer for European Commission and RCUK proposals, and has secured income for her research topics in excess of £1.5m.
An ambassador for female participation in the games industry, Prof Falconer was recently appointed an executive board member for Women in Games and named one of the 100 most influential women in the industry, based on work to support diversity in the educational pipeline. She is an Nvidia Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Certified Instructor and NVIDIA DLI University Ambassador.

Renee Gittins / IGDA

Renee is the Executive Director of the IGDA, and a multi-disciplinary leader with expertise in software engineering and creative direction. She is a passionate advocate and connector for developers and diversity in the game industry, with a background that spans across engineering, design, and production. She is outspoken about initiatives to increase diversity both within the game industry and gaming overall to help the game industry grow and improve for everyone.

Drussila Hollanda-Grönberg / Supercell

Drussila is a Brazilian games industry veteran with background in Game Design and leadership, from companies like Supercell, Wooga and Rovio. In Supercell, as a Game Lead, she worked on titles like Hay Day and new game prototypes. As a creative problem-solver with a passion for learning and inclusion, she led the founding of Hive Helsinki - a new kind of coding school in Finland.

Maria Maunula / Nitro Games

With over 10+ years of experience in customer service and relations, Maria Maunula from Nitro Games is here to share her best practices on crisis management and preparations. Maria Maunula is a Community Manager and Associate Producer at Nitro Games. Working closely with the player community, she acts as a bridge between the players and the developers, communicating crucial points of player feedback and sentiment to the development team. As an Associate Producer, she ensures that best practices and tools are used and maintained efficiently in the company’s game production.

Olesja Marjalaakso / Next Games

Olesja Marjalaakso started her gaming career in Digital Chocolate in 2007. Olesja has worked on several female focused games in her career and founded Polka Dot Studio in March 2017 to create new gaming experiences for women. If you need a title you can use just Gaming Professional.

Madalina-Georgiana Vladau / Ubisoft RedLynx

I’m currently an Associate Live Ops Manager at Ubisoft RedLynx. I first started out as a game tester in Ubisoft Bucharest, where I found my passion while working on Ghost Recon: Wildlands by specializing in testing methodologies for the game store, game events, and the player’s experience with monetization. Three years ago, I moved to Helsinki to pursue my newfound passion at Ubisoft RedLynx. Nowadays, I spend my days ensuring that South Park: Phone Destroyer’s players have the best live game experience possible and making sure they are engaged with our game for years to come, as well as working towards ethical game monetization.

Phylicia Koh / Play Ventures

Phylicia is an investor at Play Ventures, the leading early stage, global gaming VC fund. She has also worked with gaming startups like Mighty Bear Games and has over 8 years experience leading marketing and growth at startups and organisations like the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Salla Hiiskoski / Futureplay Games

Salla Hiiskoski does Game Art and Art Outsourcing at Futureplay Games. She currently works in the Merge Gardens team, bringing the merge chains to life by concepting, outsourcing, creating and art directing. In her free time, she does pro bono work with We in Games, where she leads the WiGFi Mentorship program and the newly founded Inclusive Leadership Program. Salla values co-creation, inclusiveness and empathy, and her biggest strength is her daring to step in the discomfort zone. Her passion is to learn, connect people and make things happen.

xEdu Panel: EdTech Women Leaders

Can you learn while playing a game? Can you play games in school? What is the role of play in education? We will discuss these and other questions in a panel with 3 wonderful female founders of edtech startups.

Claudio Lins / Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

Claudio Lins is a Brazilian longtime Game Producer and Game Designer with 20+ years of experience in the games industry. He founded/co-founded game studios in Brazil and Europe, as well worked on 30+ different games for several platforms, such as Consoles, Handhelds, PC, Mobile, VR, Arcade Cabinets and more. Currently working for Cornfox on Oceanhorn 2 Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch.

Eve Crevoshay / TakeThis

Eve Crevoshay joined Take This as Executive Director in 2018. She is a 15-year veteran of the nonprofit sector, with a focus on fundraising and executing strategy. Her background spans education, social services, and the arts, and she is committed to identifying and enabling systemic change. Eve is a member of the advisory boards for GDC (in the advocacy track), the Fair Play Alliance, The Games and Online Harassment Hotline (, and The International Game Summit on Mental Health (; and is the recipient of the inaugural GamesBeat Up and Comer award (2020). She’s also a yogini, avid gardener and cook, and gamer. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband, daughter, and dog.

Raisa Krogerus / Unicorn Pirates

Raisa Krogerus is the HR Manager of Unicorn Pirates Studio, a developer that proudly stands for feminism, diversity, and LGBTQ+ rights. With a background as an occupational therapist Raisa has been in the gaming industry for several years, growing and sharing her great passion for equal rights. Considering diversity in the recruitment process is not always easy in such a male dominated field. Unicorn Pirates has managed to form a team of approximately 80% women, 10% non-binary, and 10% men from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.
When not herding the nerds or hunting for more pirate-y unicorns, Raisa spends time with her cats and her horse, shoots metal gigs and plays a variety of mobile games.

Female E-Sports

Female Gaming Finland ry (FGF) is a new association for women and gender minorities of all ages. We aim to promote the position of our target group in the gaming community in Finland and worldwide. President Marianne and vice president Emilia dream of seeing a better, non-toxic gaming community for everyone.