Practical Tools for Building Empathy and Trust at a Workplace ​by Johannes Koski

Johannes has been a geek since the days of VIC-20 and Deluxe Paint. He works as the UX Director and Team Coach at Housemarque, Finland’s oldest video game company. Before fulfilling his childhood dream and joining Housemarque in 2018, he had been working for almost two decades in different studios building digital brands, products and services. Stuff Johannes is involved with: directing the user experience of a new AAA IP, coaching leaders and teams, doing voluntary support person work for MIELI, running the anti-bullying gaming community Safepoint, running the Finnish game dev mentoring community Games Finland, playing board games, table-top role-playing games and video games.

Lego Serious Play by Regina Casteleijn-Osorno

Women in Games Finland will host “Lego Serious Play workshop: Impostor Syndrome” – and Lego Series Play is just what it sounds like: playing with Legos! But under facilitation, and in order to solve tricky questions. The method is rapidly growing and it has been used in organisational strategies, product innovation, and problem-solving. Learn more about Lego Series Play here. The workshop will be facilitated by Regina Casteleijn-Osorno who is a business and education professional with over 20 years experience in both teaching and entrepreneurship. She works as Senior Program Manager at Aalto EE and she is certified Lego Serious Play facilitato

Game Design by Karoliina Korppoo

Karoliina Korppoo is an experienced speaker and game designer with over twelve years of career in the game industry. Korppoo is best known for her work on city simulators, the latest being the hit game Cities: Skylines, and being one of the few Finns ever to have spoken at the TED main conference.