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NOTE: The program of the conference is following Helsinki time zone (EEST/GTM+3)
DAY I October 14th


Game Art Workshop

World-building in Golf Club:
Wasteland and beyond

by Demagog Studio

DAY II October 15th

12:00 15:00

Diversity Cafe

by Solip Park



Johanna Verhiö / Hyvän mielen talo

Known to the gaming communities as Hörhiö, Johanna is spreading the love in different gaming platforms. They believe that games can change the world by empowering the player. After 20 years of designing and making larps Johanna ventured to the world of digital games and made an edu game about emotions (Pintaa Syvemmälle, currently used in youth-work in Finland). But returned soon back to larps as a funded game artist.
Currently Johanna is focused in using games in a mental health organization Hyvän mielen talo and writing an edu larp about emotions and mental health. Johanna has long history in volunteer work in different associations and events bringing games and gaming to new places and inclusivity and safety to gaming communities. In 2018 Johanna got nominated as the volunteer worker of the year and in 2020 got the Tyttötekopalkinto for making gaming environments safer for girls and women.

Tracey McGarrigan / Polystream

A specialist in producing communications and events designed to genuinely engage audiences and influencers, Tracey has over 20 years of senior leadership and executive level roles under her belt.
Currently enjoing herself as Interim CMO of Polystream, as CEO and founder of Ansible PR & Communications, she's worked her marketing metaverse magic with companies like Epic Games, BAFTA, Sci-Fi-London, Bossa Studios, Furious Bee, Outright Games, and Green Man Gaming. Listed as one of Games Industry Biz's Top 100 Influential Women, she is also the Coordinator of the annual W.IN (Women.In) event at London Games Festival.

Silviu Ivascu / Augmented Arts

Silviu Ivascu has been working in the gamedev industry for almost six years as a programmer and sound designer and as a university teacher for 3 years. He is currently the owner of Augmented Arts, a startup based in Romania.
A Jack of all trades and master of sound design. He likes creating sound and experiences starting from the menu click to the head related transfer function that simulates sound passing through a human head to the auditory system.

Emma Varjo / Frozenbyte

Emma Varjo is the UX Lead at Frozenbyte. She champions for all players regardless of demographics, experience levels, or abilities. Through her knowledge of psychology and Human Computer Interactions as well as through research done on the game with real players, she ensures the player's viewpoint is considered holistically throughout all stages of game development. She is the director of GRUX Online - an online conference focusing on UX design and user research in games.

Art Workshop by Demagog Studio

A close-knit group of high-school friends from Belgrade, Serbia reunited a few years after college in search of something more. What resulted was no ordinary engineering job, but a team that would go on to create film, games and music relevant to current issues in a changing world. Demagog Studio focuses on storytelling through video games and animation. The company is best known for the post-apocalyptic game Golf Club: Wasteland and the original soundtrack Radio Nostalgia from Mars. The studio's approach to original projects and work with clients entails:
A. a sharp idea;
B. storytelling with engaging characters;
C. robust world-building;
D. stories told through nonlinear media.

You can read an interesting Unity article about the studio: Edgy and irreverent creators.

Igor Simić (1988) graduated with a BA in Film Studies and a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University, New York. His short films were screened at international film festivals and in contemporary art museums and biennials. Igor is represented by Galerie Anita Beckers in Frankfurt. Igor is also the creative director at Demagog Studio.

Nikola Stepković (1985) is an architect and art director, based in Belgrade. He completed his BA and MA. studies of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 2009 He predominantly works in the area of digital art, animation and architecture. His work in the fields of architecture, games and digital art received multiple awards and was exhibited both in Serbia and abroad.

WIG Fi, Fantasy & Duty - Socially Conscious Game Design

What drives our designs? Our conceptions of sexuality, gender roles, power and society can serve as a great source of fantasy. But when our designs reach thousands and millions of people we must ask ourselves what exactly are we communicating and normalizing.

by Wanda O Rly

We in Games Finland is a non-profit organization for everyone looking to improve diversity and inclusiveness within the games industry. Our goal since 2011 has been to attract more diverse talent to the games industry as contributors, employees, and founders in Finland. Today, our goal is still the same – but we’ve grown from a network of like-minded peers into an actual non-profit organization to support marginalized groups in games on a broader spectrum.

Solip Park / Aalto University

Solip Park is a doctoral student at Aalto University. Her research interest is focused on digital game development culture and immigrants/expats game creators.
Before coming to Finland, Solip worked as one of the founding members of Nexon Computer Museum - the first permanent museum in East Asia dedicated to the history of computer and video games, located in South Korea. She also worked at game companies and startup scenes in the USA, South Korea, and Finland focusing on project.
She is also the creator of “Game Expats Story” web-comic series


Introduction to the workshop and its facilitators are coming up soon!


Introduction to the workshop and its facilitators are coming up soon!